LSSE 2021 Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs

Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs

The Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs is an annual six-week residential programme that gives participants the opportunity to participate in international academics and work placements.

The participants will take part in an international academic programme and work placements with non-profit, government or non-governmental organisations, for-profit and non-profit social businesses, and social venture capital firms across the United Kingdom. The participants will gain valuable hands-on experience in the field of social enterprise, entrepreneurship, and innovation, strengthening their skills and connecting them with industry professionals.

The 2021 Global Fellowship for Social Entrepreneurs will be held in Sheffield, United Kingdom from 16th October 2021 through 27th November 2021.

As part of the fellowship programme, you will gain experience in social enterprise and entrepreneurship activities, including marketing and project administration. The work placement gives participants valuable hands-on experience in the field of social enterprise, strengthening their skills and innovation, and connecting them to industry professionals.


The Global Social Enterprise Fellowship is an innovative programme focused on people with interests in social enterprise, entrepreneurship, and social economy to take enterprises and innovative models to the next level. The programme will bring the fellows to latest developments in the sector and understanding of Global practical.

The programme activities also include regular workshops, leadership training programmes, professional certification, and academic credits, short-term study visas for foreign participants, and extra two weeks’ study tour to France for the best participating person. It is open to all global citizens between the age of 18 – 35 years.

Key Info 
Learning ModeAcademics, Work Placement and Workshop
Study LevelPostgraduate
Age 18-35 Years
Duration 6 weeks
LocationSheffield, United Kingdom
Start date16 October 2021
Cost  £ 5,225



Work Placement

Short-Term Study Visa